Featured Blog: {Courage 2 Create}

Happy Wednesday!

This week’s Featured Blog goes to one of my fantastic bloggy friends, Ollin Morales over at {Courage 2 Create}!  I’ve been reading Ollin’s blog for the better part of the last year, so… not quite from the beginning, but I have to tell you, of all of the blogs that I read, {Courage 2 Create} has grown the most.  It began with Ollin’s committing himself to writing his first novel, and has since blossomed into a fantastic resource for writers.  Here, let me show you his category list, taken straight from his “How to Read This Blog” page:

The range in posts from personal to professional gives a sense of support and encouragement from {Courage 2 Create} to its audience; it says ‘this blogger cares about his readers.’

In addition to the categories listed above, Ollin also offers consultation services for artists and writers, in three different categories: blogging, writing, and storytelling.  The proceeds go toward making {Courage 2 Create} bigger and better, and giving Ollin the means to continue helping his fellow writers.

My readers genuinely need my advice and my support and I would NEVER abandon them, or, worse, retract my compassion for them. —  {Courage 2 Create} post, 01/31/11

The passion and effort put into {Courage 2 Create} is staggering.  It’s one blog I can honestly say a budding writer cannot do without.


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  1. Aw, thanks for the kind mention! :)

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