Exercise 1: “Dear Diary”

Very first writing exercise for G&L! Keep in mind that there are no rules, really. Tweak the exercise as you need to tweak it. If you participate, but don’t feel like sharing, that’s just fine, too.

We all have characters that we don’t know as deeply as we should, and as a result they come across as flat and drab in our fiction. In a night class I took several years ago, my teacher insisted that those of us having a hard time hearing our characters’ voices try writing a diary entry from their perspective. It doesn’t matter if the character is your hero, your villain, or a side character whose purpose seems lost but you know belongs in your story. Even if you come up with multiple entries, as long as you provide a link (if you plan to share) you’re welcome to share as many as you like. Remember, you have from Friday until the following Thursday to send me your links to include on that exercise’s post.

To recap!

Exercise for February 18, 2011: Write a diary entry for a character you don’t know very well, detailing the bits about him/her you’re unsure about. Use his/her voice. Don’t edit, let it come naturally, and you might be surprised what your character has to say. =]

Good luck!


Jessi at A BA in BS  – An entry by George

Chris at Expiscor ex iter itineris

Moi! – A letter from Felix



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7 responses to “Exercise 1: “Dear Diary”

  1. http://abainbs.blogspot.com/2011/02/dear-diary-writing-challenge-from-kit.html

    There you are bb. I may end up doing another one for later in the weekend, when I’m bored.


  2. http://selmac-duthjak.blogspot.com/2011/02/dear-diary-writing-challenge-from-kit.html

    Bam. There it is. Not as good as I would have liked, but on the right track I think.

    • It’s an exercise to get to know your character from his perspective. Don’t worry about polish. It’s just an exercise. Besides, it’s a quick read, but decently done. =]

      • Aye, I was exploring why the character was looking for artifacts, what pushed him to investigate more than anyone else. I came up with his ‘discovery’ of something more ancient than anything else.

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