Why There IS Such A Thing As “A Writer Who Doesn’t Write” and Why He Needs Our Love–Not Our Scorn (via {Courage 2 Create})

This post is by my friend Ollin at {Courage 2 Create}. I believe this message is one that many would-be writers can identify with, and I think the ‘you’re not a writer unless you have a paycheck’ message keeps many of them– of US– from taking ourselves seriously.

If you love what you do, if “life gets in the way” but you still grope for that passion to put pen to paper, you’re a writer and you don’t need others to validate that for you.

Why There IS Such A Thing As "A Writer Who Doesn't Write" and Why He Needs Our Love--Not Our Scorn “For those of us who have suffered, who have hauled ourselves into the sun, anything exhausted beside us is family.” -Mark Nepo When I first came in to the blogging scene, I remember reading many bloggers who would look down on so-called “writers who don’t write.” These bloggers were quick to demean these writers and scoffed at the idea that they would even call themselves “writers.” For those narrow-minded bloggers, a writer was someone who was … Read More

via {Courage 2 Create}



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7 responses to “Why There IS Such A Thing As “A Writer Who Doesn’t Write” and Why He Needs Our Love–Not Our Scorn (via {Courage 2 Create})

  1. I have been writing literally for 37 years and to this date have made exactly…nothing.

    But what I have earned is a number of people who have liked what I have written (you in the blog world, friends and others). What I have earned is the pure satisfaction of knowing I have created something that is mine.

    Those things are satisfaction all by themselves. Those things qualify me as a writer and as a serious writer.

    I will still take a paycheck.


    • I think we’d all take the paycheck. =P But I feel the same. What I’ve written brings me pleasure because I created it. (It’s really getting to the creating that poses the problem sometimes.)

  2. Thanks for the reblog. :)

  3. By the way, a shout out to Ollin from Tim. I follow his blog as well.

  4. Hey Katie,

    I received a complaint from a reader because I used her story in this blog post.

    I just wanted to say that I apologize if I made you uncomfortable for mentioning you in this post. I was only trying to encourage other writers in the process who were going through challenging circumstances but I realize my mistake was that I didn’t run this by you beforehand. I assumed that because blogs are public that it was okay to mention them and their story. I was wrong to assume this.

    In the future I will run it by you, thanks!

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