Oh. My. God.

I’ve been cursed with my first gray hair.  ~_~

That is all.

*slinks off, grumbling*



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8 responses to “Oh. My. God.

  1. It’s Friday the 13th. Don’t worry too much.

  2. Lua

    Haha I agree with Heather Kit- it is a freaky day!
    Btw, I got my first grey hair when I was 17 or 18… Old souls I guess? :)

  3. I agree with Heather. Nothing to worry about it! It’s not real. Anyway, they say we all have all sorts of shades of hair-color in our hair, and some may look gray even when you’re an infant!

  4. I really freaked the hell out when I found my first one. It was terrible.

  5. I don’t remember when I found the first one. I know I’ve been coloring my hair for 10 years now to hide THEM! :-(

  6. Oh, Kit. You are so cute! LoL I have white hairs, but I’ve always had them. Still, I imagine I will go completely white one day. Oh…age…

  7. Ugh…I got my first gray hair a couple years ago. And I have dark hair so it’s really noticeable. Now I have several but only the left side of my head. I think I’m turning into Rogue from the X-Men.

  8. Awwwz, Kitty!
    I don’t have any gray hairs. Comes with the benefits of being the baby(:
    I loooooves you. (: And uh… Good luck with the greyness(:

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