A brief rundown on my faith…

… because no one can seem to grasp it, and I want to have it documented.  This is actually taken, mostly, from my profile at PaganSpace.net with bits and pieces added on.


I am not my faith. My faith is a part of me.

In the options listed below (on PaganSpace, there are boxes you can check to describe your path), I’ve selected Pagan, Witch, and Wiccan from the list. I am not Wiccan. My path/ritual/worship is often structured in a similar manner as Wicca, but I don’t identify as Wiccan. That would be false.

“Harm None” is not my credo. Circumstance creates an expansive grey area, and if by doing a little harm, I can accomplish a larger good, then that’s acceptable to me. I won’t hurt anything or anyone intentionally if it can be reasonably avoided. It’s more a matter of compassion than of ethics.

I identify in my path a Goddess and a God and I favor neither over the other. I believe the same in life: women are life-givers, and sacred, but there would be no possibility of creating life without the seed of a man, and there would be no men if women didn’t birth them. We are equal halves in the grand scheme of things.  I’m currently getting to know the broad pantheon of Scots-Gaelic gods, and the Old Traditions that managed to have been documented.  Information of Celtic Recontructionism has been infinitely valuable in that aspect.

I’m American, but I honor my heritage, and where my families have come from: Holland, France, Scotland, and England. I’d like to dig deeper into my genealogy, but I’m having difficulty getting started. I find nothing wrong with being American, so everyone who thinks that Americans who enjoy researching their ancestry are discontent or ignorant can go fly a kite. <3 I like to know what made my family what it is today, whether my great grandparents were American or Dutch or Scottish or English makes no difference, as long as I make the connection with who they were.  In old Gaelic culture, ancestor-reverence is a large part of worship.



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18 responses to “A brief rundown on my faith…

  1. I’m curious how you arrived at a belief in a Goddess and God, as opposed to say no god, or a sex-neutral god.

    • My first fascination when I started my obsession with the New Age/Occult section of my local bookstore when I was 13 began with Wicca. The singular Goddess and God concept has always resonated with me up until this point. Wicca on the whole isn’t something I identify with in entirety, nor have I ever, really. There are just bits and pieces of the practices in Wicca that make me feel closer to my own faith, and so I adopted them. =]

  2. junebugger

    Fascinating. While I’m a Christian, I’m intrigued by paganism. As a writer and reader of Historical fiction, I love coming across characters with these mystical faiths. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I understand how difficult it can be to explain faith.

    I consider myself Taoist, and the concept of wei wu wei (lit. Doing/Practicing Not-Doing) is sooooooooo hard to make it coherent, lol.

    I applaud you in your desire to connect with your roots. It can be a knarly road, but it is so incredibly fascinating to dig through layers of family history. I wish you the best of luck. :)

    • It IS difficult! Especially when it comes out in such a way that makes you sound like you have no idea what you’re talking about. I swear, this whole thing is cemented in my head and in my heart, but vocalizing it is an issue.

      And thank you. =] Genealogy has always been an interest of mine, though I’m not very good at it. =P

  4. unabridgedgirl

    “We are equal halves in the grand scheme of things.”

    Absolutely love this, Kit! I couldn’t agree more. Also, if you’re having trouble starting or knowing where to start with looking into family history, I would be more than happy to help.

  5. Well said about the America thing!!

    And I very much like the male/female balance your faith presents. Also the part of you bit. :)

  6. I love reading about your faith, Kit. You’re so confidant in it, and I think that what you wrote here is a perfect explanation of it. I’m envious of your confidence and security in your faith and the way it plays a role in who you are. It’s a blessing to feel like that, in my opinion.

    • It was honestly SO hard becoming confident enough just to write it down (because writing things down solidifies them for me), let alone share it with people. But I got very tired of losing my footing against people with opposing views, just because I had a hard time articulating myself.

      It’s okay not to be too confident. I’m just obnoxious and overbearing by nature. =P Are you not confident in your faith? Again, not that it’s a bad thing. It probably makes you a more agreeable person. XD

  7. All Americans are immigrants. We all come from somewhere else, and I think you crazy if you think there’s some kind of “pure American.” That’s totally false. I think part of being american is being proud of your heritage. And americans have roots all across the world!

    • I wrote this for a profile on another site, and let me tell you, you’d be STUNNED at how people on PaganSpace react to genealogy! Like Americans can’t be content with being American.

      “You’re not Scottish, you’re American.”

      But I have Scottish roots, so shouldn’t that be reason enough to research where I came from? Apparently not. It’s pretty cut throat.

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