Award Number Three! Woah.

I love my blog friends.  ^-^

Emily at Slightly Ignorant and Heather over at Heather S. Ingemar (writes) has given me the Prolific Blogger award!  I say yay.  =]

Thank you, Emily & Heather! <3

And now, for seven people who deserve this award (there will be overlaps, I’m sorry):

Mckenzie at Unabridged Girl

Erin at Wild Archaic

Rosemary at Miss Rosemary’s Novel Ideas

Lua at Bowl of Oranges

Brown Paper Bag Girl at Thoughts from a Brown Paper Bag Girl

Ollin Morales at {Courage 2 Create}

June H. at Miss Blue Stocking

You guys are fantastic, as I attempt to express fairly regularly.  My internet would be a dim place without you all. <3


On a weirdly half-related note: Inkwell Imaginings is going fantastically.  I actually shared an excerpt this week, and it was fun. <3 Yay constructive feed back!

Now… I have to work on reading aloud without sucking.  Woot.



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5 responses to “Award Number Three! Woah.

  1. Lua

    Congratulations again on the award and thank you so much for passing it along to me!! I love my blogger friends :)
    And kudos for you for making progress, constructive feedback is the best!

  2. Congrats on your award and thank you for mine! It is true what they say, it never gets old. I still feel special. :)

    • OH HEY! Your self-imposed deadline is still January first, right? So is Mckenzie’s, and mines the 7th. I was thinking we could harass each other for progress, since I know I’m slacking, and Mckenzie’s mentioned having issues buckling down. Are you moving right along?

  3. junebugger

    A late response! But congrats on receiving the award. You definately deserved it!

    And thank you so much for passing this award onto me. <3<3<3

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