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New Page – Bits of Random Fiction

Added to the navigation bar to the left.  <3  It’s called “Bits of Random Fiction.”

Not a very interesting post, I know.  I think most of my regulars have already read these pieces, but I plan on adding more fiction to the page.  Gradually.  So… at least I have the list started. <3

Woot and such. <3


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Award Number Three! Woah.

I love my blog friends.  ^-^

Emily at Slightly Ignorant and Heather over at Heather S. Ingemar (writes) has given me the Prolific Blogger award!  I say yay.  =]

Thank you, Emily & Heather! <3

And now, for seven people who deserve this award (there will be overlaps, I’m sorry):

Mckenzie at Unabridged Girl

Erin at Wild Archaic

Rosemary at Miss Rosemary’s Novel Ideas

Lua at Bowl of Oranges

Brown Paper Bag Girl at Thoughts from a Brown Paper Bag Girl

Ollin Morales at {Courage 2 Create}

June H. at Miss Blue Stocking

You guys are fantastic, as I attempt to express fairly regularly.  My internet would be a dim place without you all. <3


On a weirdly half-related note: Inkwell Imaginings is going fantastically.  I actually shared an excerpt this week, and it was fun. <3 Yay constructive feed back!

Now… I have to work on reading aloud without sucking.  Woot.


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