New Corset!

So, my friend Jessi gave me a present she got from her friend Sam.  Sam doesn’t fit into her corset anymore because she lost weight.  And now I have a very sexy red corset.

Jess calls me and she goes “I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!  I’ll give you two hints: it’s made of red brocade and has lacing.”

But I heard lace, so naturally I said “If you bought me lingerie, our friendship just moved to a very uncomfortable level.  We are not that close.”

And she goes.  “… You’re an ass, I”m coming over.”  And that’s what she brought:

The answer is yes, I did get so excited that I had to try it on right then. In my sundress.

So, yay and things. <3

Just sharing. XD



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22 responses to “New Corset!

  1. Erin M

    Heeee! That is so cool!

    Also your sundress is really pretty =]

  2. Lua

    Haha I loved your response; “If you bought me lingerie, our friendship just moved to a very uncomfortable level. We are not that close.”
    And my- that corset is gorgeous! And looks so cool on you :)

    • Thank you. Lol. It’s all duct tape and steel plating inside. That thing is STURDY.

      And Jess and I have many, many “We are not that close” moments. It can be both uncomfortable and hilarious (in retrospect). =P

  3. unabridgedgirl

    I cracked up at your retort. I love you, Kit. You always make me laugh.

    Awesome corset!

  4. Your retort definitely madde me giggle. Because I have a friend who would do the lengerie-buying… just to make me feel awkward ‘^.^

    The corset is pretty, but I love your sundress. :-) But I agree with your earlier comment- definitely better seperate.

  5. I have a love for corsets. Although for some strange reason I don’t own any. Huh.

    It looks very pretty. I think that corset over top of the sundress look just might catch on :D

  6. Looks like a perfect fit! I LOVE corsets… I’ve got one myself, too :D. I actually think it looks rather awesome on your sundress ^_^.

  7. junebugger

    Lovely corset! Oh, and it’s RED.

    By the way, love the sundress. I can’t seem to find any pretty ones like that :(

  8. SOOOO cute! I love corsets :)

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. You can’t beat red for the wow factor.
    Top marks.

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