Choosing My Religion (via The Witching Hour Approaches Blog)

Let me just state that I am NOT trying to offend anyone with differing beliefs. I respect everyone’s faith, because I feel that it’s important to have faith in SOMETHING. I may not agree with you, but as long as you feel right in your beliefs, then I’m in complete support of that. Everyone has the right to believe as they will. Jenna’s post at The Witching Hour Approaches just resonated with me on some level and I thought I’d share. <3

Choosing My Religion Author: Jenna Often, when I am in a "new age" bookstore, I have to ask myself, "How exactly did I get here?" Not physically, of course, but mentally, spiritually. Sometimes, when I look around and see all the "spell kits" and various other items that appeal to the less serious, I wonder if Wicca (and the religion which I follow, Celtic paganism) are really that much deeper and spiritual than the religions of my upbringing. If … Read More

via The Witching Hour Approaches Blog



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11 responses to “Choosing My Religion (via The Witching Hour Approaches Blog)

  1. Erin M

    “Listen to those who are seeking the truth; be wary of those who claim to have found it.”

    I like that quote. I like it very much.

    Thank you for sharing that article/post, Kit.

  2. unabridgedgirl

    Thanks for sharing, Kit! It’s always nice when we find something that touches us, or we can relate to. I wouldn’t worry so much about offending people with this sort of thing. Usually people who are offended over such matters, in my opinion, LOOK to be offended, because you’re right, everyone has the right believe as they will.

    When I was reading her article, I felt bad that she had a hard time through school – – be half-Jewish, a redhead, etc. I can’t even imagine! Made me sad.

    Anyway. You’re wonderful, and I am glad you have something that makes you happy.

    • I just thought it might get a little offensive around the part where she starts picking apart Christianity. I didn’t want everyone to think that I’m an awful person (though I do kind of agree with her) and I’m anti-Christian. I’m definitely not. In fact, I’m going to be the maid of honor in my best friend’s incredibly Protestant, inside-a-church wedding. (And yes, we do make jokes about me bursting into flames when I walk through the doors. =P)

      Wow, so.. I definitely can’t top that date. I probably would have threatened to set him on fire if he didn’t act like a human being. Dating shouldn’t equate to babysitting. @_@

  3. unabridgedgirl

    PS Your title remind me of the song, “Losing My Religion”, which always reminds me of the worst blind date of my life, where my date started singing (to the top of his lungs), this song…as well as doing various Yoda impressions…and driving 50 MPH in the middle lane on the freeway, where the speed limit is 65MPH. ANYWAY. Sorry. Rant done.

  4. Megs

    That was a fascinating read – thank you for the link

  5. That was a lovely article. I’ve always felt so jealous of people who could truly believe in something. Thank you for posting it!!!

    • Yeah, I feel bad that this lady went through all she did to get to that point, though. My religious discoveries were not nearly that in-depth. Glad you enjoyed the article, though! =]

  6. So being a Catholic, I’m proably about as far from your faith as you can get but I love what you said in the beginning of this post because I myself aspire to it and use that phrase all the time, “I respect everyone’s faith, because I feel that it’s important to have faith in SOMETHING.” It’s such a beautiful statement and probably the most true belief out of all the faiths put together. Ultimately we are all going to the same place … we’re just taking different paths to get there.

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