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You’re Beautiful! No, really!

So, I was reading Thought’s Appear‘s 30 Before 30 list, and I HAD to click the Operation Beautiful link.  And now I’m inspired.

So, I’m posting here, and keeping it as a reminder to myself to do something like this.  It’s a great movement, so please check it out!

I’ll post pictures when I start assaulting public places with post its!  <3


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New Page – Bits of Random Fiction

Added to the navigation bar to the left.  <3  It’s called “Bits of Random Fiction.”

Not a very interesting post, I know.  I think most of my regulars have already read these pieces, but I plan on adding more fiction to the page.  Gradually.  So… at least I have the list started. <3

Woot and such. <3


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Award Number Three! Woah.

I love my blog friends.  ^-^

Emily at Slightly Ignorant and Heather over at Heather S. Ingemar (writes) has given me the Prolific Blogger award!  I say yay.  =]

Thank you, Emily & Heather! <3

And now, for seven people who deserve this award (there will be overlaps, I’m sorry):

Mckenzie at Unabridged Girl

Erin at Wild Archaic

Rosemary at Miss Rosemary’s Novel Ideas

Lua at Bowl of Oranges

Brown Paper Bag Girl at Thoughts from a Brown Paper Bag Girl

Ollin Morales at {Courage 2 Create}

June H. at Miss Blue Stocking

You guys are fantastic, as I attempt to express fairly regularly.  My internet would be a dim place without you all. <3


On a weirdly half-related note: Inkwell Imaginings is going fantastically.  I actually shared an excerpt this week, and it was fun. <3 Yay constructive feed back!

Now… I have to work on reading aloud without sucking.  Woot.


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Be Gentle with One Another

I’d like to share a post I read over at Sacred Mists, entitled Be Gentle With One Another.  A list of affirmations.

1. Never jump to conclusions.

2. Always give the benefit of the doubt.

3. Make constructive criticism the only criticism you will give.

4. Always give a second chance.

5. Find forgiveness in your heart, no matter the issue.

6. Recognize that everyone makes mistakes, even yourself.

7. Always treat others how you wish to be treated.

8. Never forget to place yourself in the other person’s shoes, even if just for a moment.

9. Recognize that we all carry baggage. Don’t make yours someone else’s.

10. Recognize that we have all come to Mother Earth to learn our life lessons. You can choose to help those who are learning, or reject them when their lessons become hard to deal with.

11. Always give importance to yourself in every situation, but not so much that it removes compassion and understanding.

12. Open yourself to the love and harmony that is offered within your spiritual path.

13. Remove yourself from any place or person where you find yourself incapable of being loving and nurturing, but always recognize that it is your issue and not their own.

14. No one can do anything to you that you do not allow them to do, consciously or subconsciously.

15. We are all complete with perfection and faults that balance us into imperfect beings.

16. To dislike, hate, or otherwise reject one whom you feel wronged by is to reject your own ability to learn lessons that are being presented to you.

17. Be a positive influence.

18. The old adage, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” holds true in all group settings, at a minimum. Create a “safe haven” experience wherever you are. Be a part of holding that philosophy in every interaction.

19. Love. Simply love. Yourself, and others.

20. Be the change you want to see in the world.


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New Corset!

So, my friend Jessi gave me a present she got from her friend Sam.  Sam doesn’t fit into her corset anymore because she lost weight.  And now I have a very sexy red corset.

Jess calls me and she goes “I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!  I’ll give you two hints: it’s made of red brocade and has lacing.”

But I heard lace, so naturally I said “If you bought me lingerie, our friendship just moved to a very uncomfortable level.  We are not that close.”

And she goes.  “… You’re an ass, I”m coming over.”  And that’s what she brought:

The answer is yes, I did get so excited that I had to try it on right then. In my sundress.

So, yay and things. <3

Just sharing. XD


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Another Award! That’s two. I feel popular. =]

Miss Rosemary gave me The Versatile Blogger Award!

The Versatile Blogger Award in all it's glory!

SO!  Seven things about me:

1.  I’ve recently acquired an addiction to raspberry iced tea.

2.  Harry Potter movies are my guilty pleasure for two reasons: I like the stories… and I have a weird love for the theme music.

3.  I spritz a eucalyptus oil/water mix on my pillow during allergy season because it keeps my congestion down.

4.  Mirrors terrify me at night.

5.  I don’t sleep under my top sheet.

6.  I’m afraid to eat anything with coconut in it before I hang out with my friend Jessi, because I’m afraid my breath will give her an allergic reaction and her throat will close.

7.  I wear knitted hobo gloves year-round when my hands get cold at night.

NOW!  Most of the 15 bloggers I’m tagging will overlap with Rosemary’s, but that’s okay, because you guys deserve it:

1.  Erin – Wild Archaic

2.  McKenzie – The Unabridged Girl

3.  Emily – Slightly Ignorant

4.  Miss Rosemary (I hope you didn’t think you wouldn’t get another one. =P)

5.  Heather – Heather S. Ingemar (writes)

6.  Sanctuary on the Edge of Time

7.  Ollin – {Courage 2 Create}

8.  Rein

So… not fifteen, but, for various reasons, I love you guys.  You pull me through humor, media reviews, fiction, poetry, randomness, body issues, laughter, and tears– and you guys are friggin’ great.  <3

Now, back to work on my writing.  <3


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Happy Father’s Day

I don’t get to see my father this year, unfortunately.  His birthday was two days ago, and for both occasions I’m relying on a phone call.

Good news? He’s coming to see my sister’s baby on the 27th.  It’ll be the most I’ve seen my dad in four years.  (I went down to FL in April to visit, and now he’s coming here.  Very exciting.)

In any case, happy father’s day, dad.  You know I love you. <3


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A Call to Prayer for All Faiths – June 21st, 2010

The BP Oil spill has been at the forefront of every major American newscast for sixty days.  There’s a hole in our planet that needs to be patched up, and no one knows quite how to go about doing that.  That’s not to mention the loss of wild life, beachfront, and the overall health of the Gulf itself.

“Crisis” and “disaster” seem like understatements.  “Heartbreaking” is a word that seems to have lost all meaning.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota has taken a stand against this disaster through spirituality and prayer.

“A man or a woman without spirit is very dangerous,” Looking Horse explained in a recent phone interview. According to this Sioux chief, the absence of spirit is causing suffering everywhere. “We are in a time of survival,” he said. “But we don’t want to believe it because we have forgotten our spirits. We have forgotten that Grandmother Earth has a spirit.”

So, he proposes:

“It’s everyday life for us that we hold Grandmother Earth sacred, we hold the trees and the plants, everything has a spirit. We need people to be really respectful for each other. The Great Spirit put us here all together.  If we’re going to survive, we need to have spirit and compassion. On June 21 we’re asking people to go to their sacred places or sacred spaces to pray.”

There is so little we can do from a physical standpoint, it seems only right that we take things to a spiritual level.  I know, I know “Kit’s getting all preachy again.  Let’s go read something else.”  But hear me out.  You don’t have to be religious to keep the Gulf in your thoughts. You’d be surprised to find what a few little words of hope in your heart can do.



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Write What You DON’T Know!

Back on the third of June, Miss Rosemary posted a blog entry entitled Write What You Know. I’m here, not to counter it exactly, but to expand upon it.   I know, it’s taken me a lifetime getting this posted, but life exploded, and let me tell you… the hunt for the article I got this from was a nightmare.  I give full credit to Ms. Holly Lisle, who has taught me so many things over my years trying to write seriously.  Her site, wisdom, and encouragement has been with me since I was a sophomore in high school, and I appreciate everything that she’s offered the writing community.

Write what you know.  Seriously.  It’s absolutely critical that you draw from your own experience when you’re writing.  It makes your characters, settings, senses, and story so much more believable when there’s a human connection and experience linked to it.  I would never tell anyone to abandon writing what they know.  That would be ignorant and stupid.

What I do want to say is that: what you know is incredibly limited. I don’t care who you are, you can’t possibly know everything to muddle through certain parts of writing.  You don’t have to have been a corrupt general of the US Army to write about a corrupt general of the US Army.  One of the many amazing things I love about writing is that it forces you to learn, to research, to better yourself intellectually to take that leap into believable fiction.

Combine your experiences with research.  If you aren’t willing to research, you’re going to look stupid.  You’ll end up showing a 14th century Scottish Highland woman drinking coffee one morning as she stands looking out of her door.  We don’t want that ridiculosity, do we?

‘Ridiculosity’ is a word.  I penciled it into the dictionary myself.  You’re welcome.

In any case, a writer’s job is not just to write, but to give the reader a sense of reality beyond their own.  (Holly Lisle even suggests reading quantum physics books to build a better system of magic.  I’m not quite so gung-ho, but you get the idea. =P)  Read fiction and non-fiction.  Science, history, and philosophy.  Religion, romance, plays, and poetry.

Read and research so that writing what you don’t know once again falls into the realm of writing what you do know.


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I’m sorry for being absent the last few days.  My brain exploded, and gave me a headache like a jackhammer inside my forehead for the last 48 hours.  During that time, I completed my lessons in Tools 1, Wicca 1, and half of Scrying.  I’m in the middle of my Wicca 1 research project on Lughnassadh, on which I have to write 500 words.  Yeah.  It’s going to take all of my skills as a writer (and an incredibly verbose mo-fo) to pull this one off.  I also need to plan for the writing group Jess and I are hosting on Monday.

In any case, thanks to everyone who commented on my last post!  I’ll get to writing a more interesting one tomorrow!  Life has a bad habit of exploding continually.

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