Now, Without Further Ado ~ King Rue!

This character came to me during a play-by-post RP with a friend, and really, I think he’s my favorite ever.  And he solves a HUGE problem for that weekly-installment project I’ve been working on.  The go-between for Shia and the Otherealm has been ridiculously hazy– until my brain met King Rue.

Let me give you a preview of just how King Rue behaves:

My friend’s character James compared Rue to Loki upon first meeting, after Emil introduced him as “King Rue of the What the fuck is it now, Rue?”

Rue grinned at James.  “I like your friend, Emi-Emi.  Trickster God of the Northmen is too much work for Shiny King of Green Things.”  He puffed his chest out.  “Gods of men are slaves to men, and King Rue is slave to no one.”  He ruffled James’ hair as if he was a little kid saying cute things.

I love him.  Thank you 30 seconds of confusion for exploding Rue into that IM box.  Would you like to hear him explain an age-old treaty?

“Treaty for living with the wood folk.  You make new homes, new clans, new lives, all you want, as long as the clans are respectable.”  Rue stated and tilted his head, his feet still swinging over the edge of the roof, oddly childlike for what appeared to be a grown man.  “Your mama and papa, they teach you things, yes?  They teach you to conduct yourself with trees and wood folk, yes?  You don’t burn us or hurt us, and you give back what you take when you can.  The green ones protect the wood and plant the trees and the red ones protect the waters.  The Silents are like the air and they give us rain.  The three are like the island heartbeat, and the wood folk live with them in peace.  The Dark Ones came against our will, and we fight them always.  A Dark One makes the clan of others now, trying to cause the houses to break.  But you CAN’T break.  If you break, and things fall apart, King Rue and the Fay will have to cleanse the island.  King Rue likes Emi-Emi and his friends here, and doesn’t want that to happen, understand?  King Rue will take the ruined ones away, and give back the ones who are still loyal to the three houses.”

Maybe it’s the fact he talks like he’s five, and in the third person, while still being completely serious…. I dunno.  He makes me squee though!  Yay for Fay!



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5 responses to “Now, Without Further Ado ~ King Rue!

  1. Erin M

    Haha, I love the fact that he talks “like he’s five, and in the third person.” Very endearing! I’m interested to see more of him =]

    • XD Yeah, I can kind of picture him always talking like he’s distracted and fiddling with things with his fingers. He’ll pop up in the project, I promise. It’s just taking me longer to work out the kinks than I expected, because I’m still working on Z and Gage’s little… untitled adventure.

  2. “Maybe it’s the fact he talks like he’s five, and in the third person, while still being completely serious…. ” YESYESYES, all these made me LOVE him already! I can just see him in my mind’s eye, and I felt that he popped right out of the words at me.

  3. xreinx

    Lol Love it H.

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