Nostalgia and a Spiritual Refresher

It was 93 degrees Fahrenheit today, and I thought my SKIN was going to melt off.  So, I plopped myself in front of my computer, which happens to be adjacent to my window fan, and decided to undertake my first course at The Firefly Academy, an online pagan classroom, to weather the heat.  I’ve been a self-dedicated eclectic pagan since I was nineteen, I’ve taken three levels of Wicca classes in person, and studied independently for the last six years.

It started raining just now, as an aside.  I shut my fan off, since the breeze is doing a damn good job of coming through my window on its own, and let me tell you…. it feels amazing.  My favorite smell, out of every other smell, is the earthy, clean smell of a hard, cool rain after an unbearably hot summer day.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.  Independent study and practice wasn’t fulfilling me the way it used to, and I thought that a trip back to the beginning was just what I needed.  It took me months of searching for an online pagan classroom that was reasonably priced before I finally gave up.  It was disheartening, but I kept doing what I was doing, because it was better than nothing at all.  The problem with paganism is that it’s hard to find someone willing to teach you for free.  It’s free to go to a Christian church, minus the voluntary donation, because the man or woman teaching you is getting paid to do so…. probably not very much, but religion is a labor of love.  Unfortunately, to learn enough to teach respectably in paganism (as in other religions), it’s customary to practice and learn for quite some time, and with so much time invested it’s only reasonable that the teacher want a little compensation for their efforts.  Most teachers only charge for materials, but others charge an arm and a leg just for the time.  In any case, I’m poor and I was disappointed.

Then, one day, I’m screwing around on YouTube, looking at other people’s altars, tools, dedications, spells, rituals, etc (too private for me to be posting, but I apparently don’t mind being a hypocrite and spying on other people’s random broadcasts), and I ran across videos from The Firefly Academy, narrated by Iris Firemoon.  It led me to their Facebook page, and subsequently, their website, and, as luck would have it, they are an online classroom and community who offers courses for FREE.

Now, I’ve never really cared for the quote “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” because, frankly, I don’t like waiting.  When I want to do something, I generally kick butt in making it happen as soon as possible… but stumbling on TFA really gave me a new respect for that proverb.

So, today I started back at Wicca I and Paganism I, a place I haven’t been in years, and I have to admit… I feel both refreshed and nostalgic.  Sometimes all you need to renew your love in what you do or how you feel, is revisit what gave you that love in the first place.



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14 responses to “Nostalgia and a Spiritual Refresher

  1. Zyhr - Three Dimensional Schizo

    Wow, you’re really passionate about these things. I’ve always been interested in this stuff but I couldn’t find the strength to absorb more information. Thanks for sharing anyway, this was a good read. Good luck on all your endeavors.

  2. I had no idea you were/are a pagan/practicing Wicca! I’ve always wanted to learn more about both [being a staunch atheist in terms of organized religions, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily don’t want to believe in anything]. So many people think that both are connected to devil worshiping or whatever, and I’m definitely not of those, just so you know. I know it’s a LOT more wholesome than most people think, and I just haven’t learned a lot more than what passing references in [properly researched] books or films have told me… Could you post the link? I’d love to look up this site.

    • Nope, no Devil-worshiping here, either! We don’t even have a Devil. XD And paganism is GENERALLY more wholesome than people say, though Satanism is kind of lumped in with it. Even most of the Satanists I’ve met aren’t bad people. Satanism is a religion that focuses mostly on the Self and instant gratification than doing evil for the sake of evil. Or so it’s been explained to me. It’s odd.

      I really thought I attached a link to the first introduction of TFA. I must be slacking!

  3. unabridgedgirl

    Being Mormon…and, obviously, a Christian, I can tell you that no one gets paid in our church. I think there are a few other Christian churches that don’t either, but I can’t think of their names. All of our “tithing” goes to humanitarian efforts, building church building, temples, etc.

    I think it’s awesome that you are so interested in something like this! And that you’re so dedicated. You’re such an awesome person, Kit. I am gad we’re bloggy-friends. :)

    • Really? I had no idea that that was the case! I’m sorry to have generalized, then. You know, I spent most of last summer running into the same two Mormon missionaries all over my town. They were great people, and WAY more open-minded and conversational than people seem to think of missionaries. Everyone’s all “They’re trying to convert you!” but really we were just talking. I can be kind of a geek when it comes to learning about different walks of life. They did NOT tell me that their church.. employees?… did not get paid though. So, I guess you learn something new every day. =]

      You’re an awesome person too! And I am also glad we’re bloggy-friends. =] I didn’t expect to “meet” so many great people when I started Goggles & Lace. <3

      • unabridgedgirl

        Hahah! Yeah. We Mormons aren’t as scary as people think. I actually served a mission in California. It was great! :) Isn’t it amazing how many people we meet on the blog-o-sphere? I mean, it is a grand scale of diversity, and I love it!

  4. I hate waiting myself …

  5. Erin M

    Cool post! I learned a bit about Wicca maybe ten years ago? Because the whole nature thing really appeals to me. And I love learning about different religions; it’s, like, one of my joys in life.

    That’s awesome that you’re a practicing member! And that you found somewhere to learn for free! I hope the classes are great. =]

    • The classes, so far, are pretty great. And so much easier now that I know it’s best to take the thoughts of others and create my own faith by piecing them together. It wasn’t so easy my first time through six years ago. It’s so liberating!

  6. Now it’s my turn to thank you for the great post and the heads up about Firefly Academy. You’re right… where can we learn simply and affordably if it wasn’t for people like this?

    • They just opened a physical location for TFA, too. If you live anywhere near Virginia it might be helpful. =P

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you get something out of TFA! They’re good people there. =]

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