Insomnia & Good Times

It has been a very busy weekend, but so worth it.  Friday night, Jess and I made a late night drive to her fiance’s place, and ended up crashing around 2am.  Well.. THEY ended up crashing around 2am.  My brain exploded, and every time I almost fell asleep, it was like “HEY!  Hey, write this down, it’s important.”

So I did.

Every 20 minutes until 6am when I finally passed out cold.

Upside: I made amazing progress with my new WiP.

Downside: I wanted to die until caffeine finally entered my veins around 10am.

Insomnia is one of those things that make me cry and want to kill myself, but the after effects, the writing and plotting and awesome ideas that my Muse pukes out, almost make the mental tantrums worth it.

Moving along.  After breakfast, we went to Dustin’s for a fun-filled day of physical activity, video games (I’m terrible at L4D), and alcohol (which makes me more terrible at L4D, but a bit more fun about dying repeatedly).   It was a blast, but given the current state of my body, the soreness that followed made me question my judgment.  Keep in mind, kids, I flunked gym in high school.  I’m a freakin’ winner.

Anyway, best day ever was followed by a heated argument between my best friend’s fiance and myself at 2 in the morning, and that was followed by a very upset best friend.  My temper is a beast.  Apologies all around.  Bed time.

Then there was breakfast and everyone got along.  It was crazy.

Point of the story:  I haven’t had time to post, and that’s why.  I’m still title-hunting for my new project, so hopefully that’ll be taken care of by Thursday. <3

Woo!  Nap time.



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9 responses to “Insomnia & Good Times

  1. unabridgedgirl

    Wow, sounds like quite the weekend! I hate insomnia, too. There have been times where I haven’t slept for 3 days straight. My mind refuses to turn off, now matter what I do. In extreme matters, I have to take a sleeping pill. I feel for you. But your’e right, the muse does come up with some excellent ideas!

    • There are definitely awesome ideas. And sometimes, you finally get enough sleep and have a look at your “I’m winning some type of award for this” idea, and think “… This made sense when I wrote it. Um… what does ‘Blgthota’ mean?”

  2. Erin M

    Glad you had a great weekend! Sorry about the argument and the insomnia, though. My insomnia is slightly better than it was when I was younger, unless I’m away from home, then it’s worse.

    Titles are such finicky things! Good luck on your search! =]

    • That may have been a huge contributing factor to the insomnia, actually. I wasn’t at home in my very comfy bed. By MYSELF. I love sleeping alone with my heap of blankets and my dog. I have no idea how I’ll ever handle being married, if the day ever comes. XD I sleep in a sprawl. And with stuffed animals and real animals.

      Thank you for the luck. I will definitely need it. Titles are NOT my strong suit. =P

      • Erin M

        I am exactly the same way (minus the dog, since I don’t have one . . . my previous cat used to sleep at the end of my bed, though). If I ever have a husband, he’s going to have to sleep in a different room, hahaha. ;p

  3. Sleep is important…

  4. I too work best in the insomniac state of mind. My body literally collapses, my muscles ache, my eyes strain, yet the ideas gush around in my head keeping me up for longer than I want to.

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