I can has award!

I have a few blogs that I’m addicted to, and my list is slowly growing.  So I came back from my weekend away to read that short list of blogs, and I find that Emily (whose name I learned because every blog I read seems to be connected to another blog I read!  XD And everyone knows everyone else, it’s fantastic) at SlightlyIgnorant has given me a happiness award!

I immediately told my best friend in the world.  Who is my dog.  And she looked at me like this:

She's like "Who cares? Where's my snack?" It's sad.

Sometimes I wonder if she loves me when I’m not feeding her.  Probably not, though.  >_>;  I’ll consider spit-roasting her next time she looks at me like that.

Anyway.  Thank you, Emily.  ^_^  Now, I have to do something.  I don’t know if it’s one or the other, so I’ll do both. XD

First, seven things you don’t know about me:

1.  When I was learning to read and write, I could only write words backward.  Mirror image style.  No idea why.

2.  I have a secret love for show tunes.

3.  I talk to my dog like she’s a person, and I base her responses off of the way she looks at me.

4.  I associate Final Fantasy VIII with the taste of Danish butter cookies.

5.  I spent six years in French classes, collectively.  I could have passed a fluency test seven years ago… now I’d be damn lucky to remember how to ask where the bathroom is if I’m about to pee myself.  “Uh, uh… Ou est la toilettes!?  S’IL VOUS PLAIT!?”  >_>;

6.  Contacts make me nervous.  If I’m going to be blind, I’ll stick with my glasses.

7.  Sometimes I feel the compulsion to use hand sanitizer for no apparent reason.

Now ten things that make me happy!

1.  X-Men comics.

2.  Making beaded jewelry.

3.  When I look at my dog, and she’s giving me that “I have no idea what you’re talking about” look… it makes her look like a deer.

4.  Dressing like a sky pirate!

5.  Dressing like a sky pirate and going to a Ren faire!

6.  Going to a Ren faire and flirting lewdly with the blacksmith!

7.  Recognizing that caffeine is bad for me, but defiantly drinking double shot lattes anyway.

8.  My friends.  They should be number one, but I know it will piss them off to be so far down on the list.  It was a gesture of affection. <3

9.  Brand.  New.  Pens.

10.  My very nice leather journal cover.  <3  I love that it’s refillable and has ties and two pen slots.  It pleases me.  <3

My leather journal...

... it pleases me.



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10 responses to “I can has award!

  1. Erin M

    I love your lists. Wait. This deserves all caps. And an exclamation mark: I LOVE YOUR LISTS! And a spastic grin: XD

    I associate Zelda: Ocarina of Time with Queen’s Greatest Hits. But that’s because the actual music was too scary. ^_^’ Can I ask if you ever ate Danish butter cookies while playing Final Fantasy VIII?

    If I ever need glasses, I’m going to go with glasses and not contacts, too. Just seems like so much less hassle?

    All ten of your things that make you happy made me happy to read! And numbers 4, 5, and 6 made me laugh. A lot. =]

    • XD I’m glad you love my lists. There’s enough random about me to fill a dictionary.

      And yes, yes, I have eaten Danish butter cookies while playing FFVIII. Lmao. They were both Christmas presents one year, and the butter cookie tin was like… the size of my rib cage. I subsisted off of only those cookies and apple juice for about three days while tooling around in that game. XD

      The way I figure it, if you have allergies that affect your eyes and you put contacts in, you’re going to be HELLA uncomfortable. I have awful allergies. Besides, I don’t care what anyone says, glasses are sexy. >=]

      • Erin M

        Ha ha ha, awesome. One time I lived almost entirely off of hot chocolate and mint chewing gum for a couple weeks (it was a stressful time . . .). But Danish butter cookies and apple juice sounds way tastier (and more nutritious, ha).

        And I totally agree. Glasses ARE sexy. =D

  2. unabridgedgirl

    YAY! I have that journal! I have that journal! (Or one that looks extremely similar.)

    I love my contacts. But I love my glasses as well. It just depends on my mood. I need one or the either, no matter the case, since I am blind as can be without.

    I talk to my dog like he is person, and usually he gives me a look that says, “Do I look like I care? If you have a snack for me, then yes – – yes, I care. Otherwise? Stop talking.”

    I miss the AZ Ren Fair. Was the best ever!

    I also use hand sanitizer for no apparent reason. Slightly OCD.

    Congrats, congrats!!

    • Woo! Isn’t it such a great journal!? It’s so handy, it fits in my purse! <3

      Maybe it's a dog thing. My dog is always looking something like "I'll pee on your bed if you don't feed me then leave me alone."

      Ren faires are way too much fun. And conventions! Any reason to dress out of the ordinary. XD I would dress like a sky pirate every day if my friends could stomach being in public with me without offering a "yeah, she's a little off" to random strangers. XD

  3. Lua

    Congratulations on the awards! The look on your dog’s face made me laugh- I know that look from somewhere! Whenever I tell my pups something without a snack in my hand, I get the same look! :)
    Double shout lattes and brand new pens… Life doesn’t get any better than that! :)

  4. I love leather bound journals and new pens as well, though I hardly use them any more.

  5. Love the journal! Real pages are the only places I can effectively write.
    And I talk to my dog the same way and judge his resposes by looks and sounds that come out of him. I think he knows how to speak.

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