New Projects and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

So, I mentioned in my FFT post that I was planning a new on-going project, just to kill time and keep my brain from exploding.  I love my WiP, and writing Z, Gage, and Periss is hilarious and amazing, but I’ve been getting the itch for something new.  I do that so often, it’s retarded.  I have fiction ADD.  I think I need a support group.

Anyway, I’ve decided on a fantasy theme, a blend of modern America and kind of an Alexander the Great-era Middle East.  I don’t know quite how I’m going to pull it off yet, but I’m working on it.

And names.  I used to love naming characters, now I friggin’ hate it.  It was my favorite part, and somehow it’s gotten to be a part of the process that makes me beat my head against my desk.  I have three characters that need names, and I’m dreading it.

I do have a basic plot outline, though.  I’ll flesh it out a little more tomorrow, and I’ll steal a little freedom from my main WiP for awhile.

On a weird side note… everyone in my state is a jerk.  I read things about other people, and their experiences on their blogs or Facebook accounts, or… you know, whatever… and I’m like “WOW, that would not fly in Massachusetts!”  People are such raging douche bags here.  I mean, I’m an asshole to the core.  No joke.  But I SMILE at people in public, because it’s a courteous thing to do.  I hold doors for people, because I know I feel all “Kit SMASH!” when I’m inches behind someone and a door shuts in my face.

Common.  Courtesy.  Seriously.  Who raised these people?

There’s a time and a place to be an asshole.  It’s usually with my friends… who are equally brutal, sarcastic, and all-around-dicks.  We mesh well.  But I can conduct myself in public!  Why can’t the rest of the people in this Hell-washed state?

Pft.  Rant over.  Had to get that out of my system.  Thanks.  <3

***Also, to clarify, I don’t think I’m better than anyone.  The opposite is actually true.  I can genuinely behave like a bad person, and I know that most people are NOT bad people.  Why do they act like they are?  That’s all I’m getting at.***



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9 responses to “New Projects and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

  1. Very interesting project, modern America meets Alex the Great. I will definitely be checking back up on this one!
    I hate naming characters too. Sometimes I have a picture of a person to go with a particular name, but then if I change the character name down the road, the whole character changes … it’s such a dreadful system and initially must be thought out with great care.
    With you on the curtesy thing. Although, I must say, if anyone every again says that New Yorkers are rude, I will prove them right and punch them. Born and raised here and have never had any problems with people (except that one time in TImes Square … beside the point). There is nothing wrong with being courteous and polite. I always hold doors and hate it when I’m walking somewhere carrying something heavy and a strong gentleman in front of me does not hold the door. I usually yell a sarcatic “THANKS FOR HOLDING THE DOOR FOR ME!” after him and make him feel really bad and awkward. But that’s just me

    • Yeah, I was born in MA, but I definitely don’t feel like I belong here. The seasons are nice, the people make me want to buy weapons.

      I love when I do something nice for a total stranger and they completely ignore me. At which point, a bitchy “You’re welcome” is shot in their direction. XD

      Ugh, I do the same things with names. Either the name changes, or the appearance changes, and I think “Well, wouldn’t s/he be better if I made her/him such-and-such a thing? Or… gave him horrible scars or missing limbs? But then s/he’d be emotionally scarred and that kills his/her relationship with so-and-so….” It’s a process. XD I feel you there.

  2. Erin M

    I always end up naming my characters the same thing. Can’t count the number of times I’ve used “Richard.” Or “Miri.” Or “Don/Tim/Tom,” ha ha ha.

    When I was in Massachusetts last fall, I thought everyone was really friendly. People in Ontario must be REAL jerks XD

    Looking forward to this America/Middle-East story!

    • XD I’m a name recycler, too. Makes me feel guilty, though, since, if the name is really unique, I feel obligated to dissolve or rename the prior character that had that name.

      People were friendly in MA? o.o I’m… a little shocked. Well, no, not really. I mean, if you go into certain parts of Boston, people are awesome. And HILARIOUS. In certain towns on the Cape, they’re nice. In central MA? Never ever get a smiling face. Everyone looks so sour and pissed off ALL THE TIME. It makes people uglier, I think.

      • Erin M

        Ha ha ha. Yeah. I feel a teensy bit guilty about recycling unique names (*ahem, Ivan* . . . I mean, how many Ivans does anyone know?), but . . . I get over it. =P If the works were ever to be published, the names would have to be changed. Otherwise? I can totally live with all my characters sharing, like, one name. ^_^

        Also, maybe this site could be useful . . . oh, wait, it’s either my internet, or the site isn’t working at the moment O_o . . . but they divide names by categories and do posts with themed names. I’m sure you have a tonne of name resources. If it’s not useful (or the link doesn’t work) . . . well, nothing lost, right?

        And I was mainly in Boston and Cape Cod, so I guess that explains it. =]

  3. unabridgedgirl

    Hey you! I am excited to read this fantasy them. It sounds mucho interesting. Just a thought: Make sure you sign up for a copyright…there are plenty of free ones on the net. You know, just in case. I’ve had posts on my blog reposted on other blogs, and they’ve tried to pass them off as their own.

    • THAT is great advice, and I really appreciate that you mentioned it, because it completely slipped my mind. <3 Thank you. I'm hoping to have the first installment of the story up by this time next week. I'm just trying to decide on an approximate weekly length. I don't want it to be too short so as to be unsatisfying, but not too long where people will think "Eff that" and click away. Lol. Dilemmaaaaaa.

    • Erin M

      I’m pretty sure that in the U.S. (definitely Canada) a writer’s works are protected automatically upon creation. You don’t have to apply for a copyright . . .

      I guess the internet makes things stupid, though. =[ You may want to send yourself the works via e-mail; I think that counts as permissible evidence in the case of a dispute over who “wrote” the work first.

  4. Sounds like an interesting project! I love the concept. And I completely understand writing ADD… I’ve got it too. See? Twins.

    Oh, yeah, and people? Are kind of dicks everywhere. I hate when people don’t have common courtesy to be polite in public or even, forget polite, but not extremely RUDE. Argh. People. There are many people I really love and appreciate and admire. And then there are way more people who get on my nerves on a day-to-day basis…

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