Mixed Feelings Day

Part of me hates today and wants to set it on fire and throw things at it while it burns.

Okay, that might have been a little dramatic, but… you know… one of those days.  And I swear to HELL if I get scalded in my own god damn shower one more god damn time, I’m going to set my LANDLORD on fire for being a negligent douchemonkey!  I set the water.  Then it rains arctic death from my shower head!  Then I adjust and the skin melts off my bones!  Every.  Freaking.  Shower.

I just want to wash myself once a day.  Is that so much to ask?

ON THE UPSIDE!  (Yes, there’s an upside.  You’d never have guessed by my flames and hellfire up there, right?  I’m crafty.)  The library accepted our ad, and is set to run it in their newsletter at the beginning of June.  Inkwell Imaginings is born, my loves. <3  Jessi has drawn up our poster, and we’ll be submitting that soon.

Facebook group to follow.  Facebook is a very handy people-connecty tool, isn’t it?  I love and loathe it.

There is my update.  I’m going over there *points to her bed* with Hostess cupcakes, my dog, and my remote control.  And I’m going to watch kids movies for hours.

Because… it’s one of those days.



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10 responses to “Mixed Feelings Day

  1. unabridgedgirl

    What a crappy shower. I’m sorry. This would annoy me to death.

    Yay about the ad! Congrats!

    • It really is annoying, and it’s every shower. Though I have learned that when the water flow suddenly goes quiet, I’m about to get scalded, so I usually jump out of the way in time. @_@

      And thanks. <3 I'm really excited that the library director liked our idea. =]

  2. Erin M

    I feel like I’m kind of having one of those days, too. I seem to have a lot of those days. O_o

    I’m so glad to hear about “Inkwell Imaginings”! I hope it goes really, really well!

    And I hope your shower starts behaving itself.

    Have fun watching kids movies! I was going to take a break from insanity and finish watching a Kurosawa movie I started yesterday (uhm, I ♥ Toshiro Mifune), but so far I’ve had to do a million other things. *sigh*

    • Thank you. <3

      And it's okay to have a lot of "those days" because then you can bitch about it. I really don't know how that's an upside, but sometimes it makes me feel better. XD

      Feeneesh your mooovie! I abandoned the kids movie thing. I watched Signs (which I hate more every time I watch it) and Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Now I'm going to watch Legion. Woo. Excitement.

      … And make a coffee. Do you want a coffee? Anyone else want a coffee…? *slinks for coffee.*

  3. I stayed in an expensive hotel once where the shower did that, on top of freezing whenever someone else turned the hot water on. Thankfully, it was a business trip, so I didn’t have to pay for the room, but still. You’d think they’d get their plumbing fixed…

    Hostess cupcakes are da bomb! :D Are they the ones with the creme filling??

  4. Woohoo KID MOVIES! I love them.

    Showers like that suck… I’m so sorry you have to suffer that every day :(.

    Woah, wait, what’s Inkwell Imaginings? This sounds interesting!

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