Why I’m not allowed to listen to anything but instrumentals while I’m writing

A very lengthy post title for an exceptionally short blog post.  XD

I wasted a fairly good portion of my day today browsing my extensive list of pagan Facebook groups and pages, mostly for the sake of tooling around and forsaking my purpose in coming to the computer.  Then, I thought “I’ll listen to some music to get myself into the writing mood!”

So I did.  But instead of listening to classical or general instrumentals like I usually do, I thought “God damn, I’m feeling some Green Day and Garbage.”


Five hours later, I’m feeling like writing a no-way-out Bonnie and Clyde piece set in a post-apoc world, where the female is a bitter bitch with a strong sense of self and sexuality.

What.  The.  HELL.  Happened.  There?

I wanted to write about Z!  But… no joke, I’m writing that Bonnie and Clyde thing down.  XD  Ticked off as I am that I broke my flow, I kind of like the idea.

I’m instrumental hunting now.

WiP Word Count: 1908

Days until deadline: 235



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5 responses to “Why I’m not allowed to listen to anything but instrumentals while I’m writing

  1. Erin M

    Hahahahaha. Best of luck with the Bonnie & Clyde–style story!

    I can only listen to instrumental music while I write, because if I listen to anything with lyrics, I end up singing along and don’t get anything written =]

    I know what you mean about hours/days wasted on the computer, too. O_o

  2. Yeah, I do that too. XD I’m incredibly ADD about everything I do. I blame the internet and my lack of will power. =P

  3. Sometimes you just need a break from the major WIP. Happens to me, too, now and then. You just get so zapped from working on one thing, and then you sit down at the computer to write — because you feel like writing — only, you get something other than your WIP… :)

    Don’t stress about it — I find that after working on something different for a little while, my WIP *really* starts cooking the next time I sit down to work on it. :D

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