Life change = appearance change

Every time something catastrophic/jarring/exciting happens in my life, it seems like I need to change something about myself physically.  Usually, it’s my hair.  I dye it some ridiculous color, chop it all off, etc.   My best friend and I have decided that we BOTH do it when a situation crops up that we just can’t control.

I suppose we’re fairly lucky, though.  At least it’s just our hair, and not an overwhelming need to drop fifty pounds in the span of a month, leading to unhealthy crash-diets, life explosions, and random collapses in public places, right?  Still, it feels like something that helps us FEEL in control seems so… unreasonable.  Like we’re grasping at something desperately, like sand slipping through our fingers, and suddenly decide that a drastic appearance change will TOTALLY help us get a handle on the situation.

Is that neurotic?  I feel like that’s a little neurotic.

I’ve also decided that my lack of control of my living situation is another reason I torment and torture the sanity out of at least 60% of the characters I write about.  That’s not okay, right?  I might have to look into therapy, just to give myself peace of mind.  Jeez.

ANYWAY–next post is about the handiness of curse words in writing… and also how ridiculously inappropriate they can be.  Stay tuned for THAT train wreck.  ~<3



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5 responses to “Life change = appearance change

  1. Ooooh, can’t wait. Especially as I have very very firm belief about curse-words. Hopefully you won’t kick me off your blogroll for saying this, but… I use them all. F-S-A, all of them. I don’t find words like that to be offensive when said when stubbing a toe, for instance. I do believe that they’re sometimes way overused in novels just in order to make the novel “cool” or something…

    Oops, this is probably an appropriate comment for the NEXT post, not this one. So for this one – I can understand the control issue. Oh gosh, I can SO understand it. I’m just a chicken and am scared of doing anything to my hair. If you color it blue or something, you’d better post a photo ^_^.

    • I would never kick you off my blogroll for your choice in (or how you choose to employ) expletives! XD Honestly, as long as I can drink coffee, be endearingly sarcastic, and cuss like a sailor on shore leave I’m generally pretty happy. Lol.

      I WISH I could color it blue. Unfortunately, I’m on the job hunt, and walking in with a very snazzy, electric-blue mop (while epic) might discourage people. XD I AM going to chop it off and possibly dye it dark brown. We shall see, though. We shall see. My salon is closed on Sundays. =[

  2. Stacy

    “I’ve also decided that my lack of control of my living situation is another reason I torment and torture the sanity out of at least 60% of the characters I write about”

    ^– I could have told you that. XD Infact, I think I have.

  3. unabridgedgirl

    My mom always redecorates a room in the house when something happens that she can’t change. It’s kind of funny. Whenever she starts to strip the walls or order new furniture, we always ask, “Uh, what happened?” LOL

  4. jesseowalls

    Ah, control, something we all want, and yet it always seems so far out of grasp. I wouldn’t say that making changes is neurotic, it’s just reinventing yourself. Back in my younger day (and for the record I am not old by any means) I use to paint my face up like Alice Cooper or Kiss just for that change, telling myself ‘at least I can control how I look’, or ‘maybe I can scare someone into wetting themselves today’. Anyways, I had fun with the face paint, wigs and hair dye, it was the one form of control I always had, and I’m far from crazy. Hope that helps.

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