So this is what going mad feels like…

A soothing picture of a tree... to make my brain stop melting.

Not that that picture is working out for me.  It’s a pretty tree by a bank, though.  I wonder how many random pictures I have on my camera just from my many pointless trips around town…?

Anyway, I’m moving this weekend, to Southbridge, MA. So much for attempting to move up in the world.  I suppose I should stop complaining seeing as we’re moving because the apartment building we’re living in now was condemned and deemed unfit for human habitation by the health department.  That’s FANTASTIC, really.  All of our windows have ceased to function, our kitchen and laundry room ceilings have caved in and flooded those rooms with yellow water, our living room has a leak in the ceiling, and there’s lead paint that was supposed to have been removed before my very adorable nephew was born.  The front hall is our land lord’s storage closet, so that’s deemed a fire hazard.  Our front AND back doors don’t fit on their frames.  The floors are separating from the walls. OH THE LIST GOES ON!

At least the new place is livable, even if it’s in a pretty sketchy area (no matter how historically idyllic the town website tries to make it look).

I live in the apartment complex behind this library. Thank the gods for decent placement, huh?

This move may take me away from the internet (and subsequently Goggles & Lace) for a week or so, though I’m hoping that isn’t the case.  I’m something of an internet junkie, so I can generally find some means of getting my fix.

Wish me luck!  I shall miss you all!  =[





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9 responses to “So this is what going mad feels like…

  1. Stacy

    *Whine* *clings to*

  2. Stacy

    Oh. And good luck!

  3. I recommend going to Mcdonald’s for free WiFi. A LOT.

    Hey, living behind a library? That’s pretty sweet! You can go anytime you want, even if only to soak up the library-like atmosphere ^_^.

  4. I think that BOTH of those options are on the agenda! Haha. I’m such an internet junkie…. Maybe I should use this time to seek out a 12-step program. Or… you know… exercise. I hear that people do that sometimes. >_> Not that I’d know.

    ALSO! I see you’re a fan of Questionable Content… and that is FANTASTIC. Meeting the creator of that comic was the highlight of half of my summer 2007. XD

  5. Yay! That makes me happy, because I heard that Tim [writer of Ctrl+Alt+Del – do you read that too, perchance?] who is another comic writer I really like – I heard that he’s super snobby and mean and that made me so sad…

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