It has come to my attention…

That I am incredibly bad at this.  I mean blogging, of course.  I’m absolutely awful at it.  I have no internal scheduling device, so it’s come to a ‘whenever-I-think-about-writing-about-writing’ scenario.  If it pops into my head, I’ll jot a few things down to address, and then I’ll lose the paper and wind up where I am now.


Square one.

Sans direction.

I rock, really.  It’s astounding.  Back on task, though.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I absolutely canNOT get a damn thing done if I don’t have some sort of deadline imposed by SOMEONE, myself or otherwise.  Blogging aside, I’d like to get a book published sometime in the near future, but in order to take on THAT adventure, I need to FINISH something in entirety.  That seems unlikely with my ridiculous lack of discipline.  Without anyone to give me a deadline, I need to do it myself, and doing that is made easier by documenting it publicly.  That way, there’s teh off chance someone might be judging me if I fail because I’m lazy.

And I am lazy.  No joke.

Seriously, though, start the drum roll!  My self-imposed date of completion on my current work in progress is……

January 7, 2011!  My 26th birthday!  Imagine what a super cool present that would be to myself!

So, here I go, consuming coffee like there’s no tomorrow, and working my ever-widening behind off to crank out this very amazing work of steampunk fiction.  Very amazing in my own opinion, anyway, and I do hold my own opinion in very high regard.  =P

Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “It has come to my attention…

  1. I have exactly the same problem Kit. When I have something that isn’t being imposed on me with a completion date I find it harder to rev up my engines and go for it.
    I actually started my blog to add a bit of schedule and self-discipline into my life after graduation as I knew there would be a spell where I didn’t have much going on, certainly nothing with deadlines. I told myself I would post every 3-4 days, I would love to post every 2 days if I could. So far I’m doing okay, I jot things down and try and construct a post over a couple of days.

    Best of luck with your project, you can do it!! Show that book deadline who is boss.

    • I agree. Blogging seems like a pretty good way to keep on task whenit comes to writing. At the very least, it gets you writing regularly– which is more than I’ve been doing for awhile. =P

      Thank you for the luck and the comment! <3

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