Disgusted with the tolerance for intolerance….

Yesterday, I saw a couple of my friends had joined a Facebook group that made a joke out of praying for the death of President Barack Obama, and the only thing that entered my mind was “How immature can you possibly be?”  We all have our political view points, but at what point does opinion become overkill?

Not only was this group advocating the death of President Obama, but making light of three tragic celebrity deaths that took place during 2009. Whether or not you support the President and the changes he’s making for this nation, there’s no excuse to make light of the loss of a human life.  To those friends who joined this group, you should be ashamed.

I’m sure everyone has seen the group by now, filtering through their News Feeds, but in case you think I’m joking —> just have a look.

And for those of you as appalled as I am (whether you support President Obama or not), sign the petition to have the group removed, or if you’re a little more passive about it, try here. Unless you supported G.W.

Don’t facilitate hate.  That’s my complaint-fest for tonight.  Adieu. =]



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2 responses to “Disgusted with the tolerance for intolerance….

  1. unabridgedgirl

    Ah. I’ve seen this on FB. I know what you’re talking about. I don’t necessarily agree with BO, but I would never wish something so horrible. Some jokes just aren’t funny.

    • Absolutely. President Obama has his good points and his “wow, that’s incredibly stupid. Did your brain malfunction?” points, but regardless of what he’s doing or trying to do, it’s not particularly funny.

      I guess some people just have dark senses of humor. =/

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